If you have an unwanted tree stump on your property that you are sick of dealing with and just want it gone, stump grinding is the perfect solution for you. 

Tree stumps can be a burden having to mow around, tripping over, or even bringing unwanted pests. When people have trees cut down, they sometimes forget that they will have a stump left over to deal with. Complete tree stump removal can be a big job and leave behind unwanted holes and torn up grass. Tree stump grinding is the perfect solution being less intrusive and leaves behind only the root system. 

Why Get Rid of Stumps?

After having a tree cut down, the stump left behind may not initially bother you but as time goes on you may notice it more and more. Tree stumps can become a nuisance to deal with and bring along their own set of problems even after the tree itself has been cut down. 

Some of the most common reasons to get rid of tree stumps are: 

  • Getting Rid of a Nuisance – Tree stumps left behind can be a nuisance in several ways. They can create obstacles to mow over, become trip hazards for your family, and be an eye sore. 
  • Stumps Can Attract Pests – Tree stumps can attract certain types of pests as they are left to decay that you do not want around your house. Some of the pests that they can attract are carpenter ants, termites, and other damaging pests that can be hard to get rid of. 
  • Stumps Decrease Landscaping Capabilities – Tree stumps can get in the way of potential landscaping projects to improve the comfort of your outdoor living space and raise property value. Removing stumps clears space for new landscaping projects and gives you more options.

Tree Stump Grinding vs Tree Stump Removal

The two most common methods of dealing with unwanted tree stumps are tree stump grinding and tree stump removal. The difference in the two methods is that with stump removal, the entire tree stump and its root system are pulled from the ground entirely. With tree stump grinding, tree removal experts come and use specialized equipment to grind the stump to your desired amount. While tree stump grinding leaves the root system in the ground, the stump can be ground to your desired depth so that grass can be planted, trees can be planted, and even driveways and sidewalks put in place. With visible surface roots, those can be removed or ground down so that you are not left with the hassle of the large root systems some trees can leave behind. Stump grinding is a great option if you do not want the hassle of pulling a tree stump from the ground and what problems may come with it. Make your outdoor living space better with tree stump grinding.

Benefits of Stump Grinding 

Stump grinding is a great way to improve the value and beauty of your property and transform your outdoor living space into something beautiful. Making your outdoor space more appealing with stump grinding has its many benefits, all at a low cost. 

The main benefits of stump grinding are:

  • Increasing Your Property Value
  • Getting Rid of Places for Pests to Live
  • More Spaces to Landscape
  • Less Things to Trip Over Outside
  • Removing Obstacles to Mow Around
  • Quick and Easy Grinding Process

If you have a pesky stump and are experiencing any problems, stump grinding can be the simple solution to your problems. With the many benefits that come along with stump grinding, why wait, and think any longer. Bye Bye Stumps can handle all your Minnesota area stump grinding needs. 

Stump grinding is a great way for you to eliminate any nuisance stumps you may have on your property. Whether that is at your business or your home, we can help! Action Stumps are the stump grinding experts of Minnesota and can handle any job. We often get our services contracted out by other tree cutting services for our expertise, so why not come straight to us! Get a quote today for having your stumps ground!