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Backfilling & Restoration

After you have a stump ground out, it will leave behind a hole that you now must decide what to do with. We offer a topsoil restoration service and will bring in premium topsoil to refill the hole.  Seed or sod services are also available upon request

What to do with Your New Outdoor Space

Now that you have your stump ground down, you have a few options as to what you can do in its place. Some of the options that we can help you out with are:

  • Backfilling with Topsoil – Fill in the hole with topsoil that you can plant grass and flowers in.
  • Create Pathways and Driveways – We are able to get rid of any exposed stump and exposed tree roots so you can create paths and driveways where they once were.
  • Endless possibilities – The possibilities with what you can do are almost endless with the new space you have made by clearing out stumps.

We can help to enhance your property and the space the stump occupied with backfilling and restoration.
Improve your outdoor space after the stump is ground out with nearly endless possibilities. Call today to request a quote from our stump grinding experts.


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