When you have a stump ground, it leaves behind woodchip debris and a hole where the stump used to be. The cleanup process is important to keeping your home or business looking good. Professional stump grinding companies will give you a few options on what to do once your stump is gone. 

How Much Cleanup Will I Need?

The two things that will largely determine how much clean up there will need to be after having a stump ground is the size of the stump, and the depth you want it ground to. With larger stumps and stumps that have surface roots, you are going to have more debris and a larger area of soil affected. You are also going to have more debris and soil disturbed if you want to have your tree stump ground deeper. In most cases, the cleanup process is quick and leaves the space the stump occupied looking great. 

What Can I Do with the Debris?

With any professional stump grinding service, they will give you an option if you want the debris to fill the hole, moved to be used somewhere else (garden, etc.), or hauled off with them. The most common option is to have the hole filled with the woodchips which will decompose into soil over time. Another common option if the stump is in your yard is to fill the hole with soil and plant grass to grow in where the tree stump once was. If you choose to have the hole filled in with soil, you can still use the woodchips in other landscaping projects around your home or business. There are several options for cleaning up debris after stump grinding all of which are sure to leave your outdoor space in great condition. 

What Do I Do with the Ground Where the Stump Was?

You can do whatever your mind comes to with the space where the stump you had ground once stood. The most common things people do with the space their stump was ground from are:

Do Nothing 

You always have the option to do nothing and leave the hole and debris as is. This will make for more effort on your part in the long run but is the cheapest option because you are doing all the work yourself. 

Fill With Woodchips

Filling in the hole left by the stump with woodchips is the most common option that people go with. It is cost effective because you do not have to buy anything to fill the hole in with since you are using the stumps debris. Over time, the woodchips and root system will decompose and leave behind a patch of dirt that can have things planted in it such as grass and other plants. 

Plant Grass

If you are having a stump ground in your yard, you will most likely want to fill in the hole with soil and plant grass. Once the stump grinding debris is cleaned up, you can fill in the hole with soil and nutrients then plant grass seeds. In no time you will have a healthy patch of grass where your tree stump once was.

Build Paths/Driveways

One of the reasons we often see stumps needing to be ground is the addition of a new driveway or path on a property. Sometimes there is no good path through an area without having to cut down trees and have stumps ground. Clearing out trees for a path can make it safer for those using it too!

Landscaping Features

Holes left by stumps are a great place to put new landscaping features. Whether you simply want to plant a new tree in its place or build fully landscaped patio with garden beds, you now have the space to do it! The options are truly endless when it comes to what you can do with your newly reclaimed space.

Talk to the Experts

Everyone’s needs are going to be different for their unique situation. In the same way that no tree is the same, no stump grinding job is going to be the same. Where your stump is located, the size, if there are surface roots, and more is going to change how the job is approached by experts. Talking to them about your unique situation is always going to be the best way to have the specific questions you may have about your needs answered.

Stump grinding is a great way for you to eliminate any nuisance stumps you may have on your property. Whether that is at your business or your home, we can help! Action Stumps are the stump grinding experts of Minnesota and can handle any job. We often get our services contracted out by other tree cutting services for our expertise, so why not come straight to us! Get a quote today for having your stumps ground!